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Fugue in Void
Fugue in Void - TiNYiSO
Kategorie: PC Genre: Simulationsspiele
Größe: 750 MB Hoster:
Jahr: N/A Bitrate: N/A
Mirrors: 3 Sprache: Sprache (Audio) Englisch enthalten
Fugue in Void Fugue in Void is a walking sim where you explore all kinds of mysterious places and dive into a world full of atmosphere. This simulation focuses on stunning architectural spaces and texture transitions. The perfect break from all those action packed games out there.Warning: This game purposely has no saving system. The experience should be done in one walk-through. Take your time. Close the curtains and use headphones.GameplayThe game starts with a 10 minute intro. After the intro you are given control and able to start moving around in the environment. Take your time in exploring the various spaces and music.
Hochgeladen am 6.8.2018 um 9:21 Uhr von Checcker
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