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Cubicus Arcanum
Cubicus Arcanum - DARKSiDERS
Kategorie: PC Genre: Adventures
Größe: 676 MB Hoster:
Jahr: N/A Bitrate: N/A
Mirrors: 3 Sprache: Sprache (Audio) Englisch enthalten
Cubicus Arcanum PLOTA mysterious voice calls your help from an interdimensional portal. Persuaded (but you don't know well why), you accept the request to jump inside the scary portal in front of your eyes. The travel makes you unconscious. When you wake up, you find yourself in Cubicus, a world made of cubes and, in front of you, a scientist-looking cubeman is talking by himself about his own discoveries. When you ask him to explain better the story, he just hurries you up to find the blue gems telling that there's no time to waste. What happened to Cubicus? Will you be able to know the secrets of this arcane world?GAMEPLAYCubicus Arcanum is a 3D indie puzzle game where, as told in the intro, the main goal is to collect the blue gems that allow you to unlock the doors and get out from the dungeons. But it isn't always as simple as it seems because the dungeons are scattered of traps, hazards and dangerous inanimate... cubes! The game is subdivided into 10 different stages. In each stage there are some mechanics (expressly made to complicate your life), items to collect that will help you along the path, secrets to discover and a monstrous boss waiting you at the end of each one.FEATURES 250 total levels 200 normal levels 10 bosses 20 hidden levels 20 riddler's levels Inventory 14 collectable items - such as shields, bombs, treasure maps, story piece (that will unveil the mystery) and many more Customizable Player The main character is customizable using the currency and the skins you find in the game (no need to use real money!) 22 Tutorials (easy and almost textless) Trophies 26 in-game unlockable trophies, based on your performances Hearts Mini-game In Cubicus Arcanum is easy to die or to get stuck. Restarting a level will make you lose a life, but you don't have to worry about it: you can play this funny mini-game to take your lives back and continue the adventure! Original Soundtrack Made to sharpen your mind and to challenge yourself
Hochgeladen am 22.8.2018 um 16:13 Uhr von Checcker
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